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Bruno Schoenaerts and
Alain Van den Cloot 

specialized in bankruptcy
assistance and prevention,
a team with more than 35
years of experience.


Bruno Schoenaerts has a career of 43 years as a lawyer and 30 years as a trustee. He has curated over 500 bankruptcies. As a senior lawyer, he knows all aspects of a guardianship and knows all procedures from bankruptcy law down to the last detail. In his capacity as trustee in bankruptcy, he summoned managers, directors, shareholders and third parties responsible. Today, with the storm approaching us, Bruno Schoenaerts wants to apply his knowledge to all those who need highly efficient legal assistance in bankruptcy proceedings. For those concerned about the status of their business. Bankrupt or not? To what extent are you liable or not? Which risks to take or not to take? Bruno Schoenaerts is a lawyer who protects the client against the claims of the curator. Insolvency law is a highly specialized matter and requires the assistance of professionals who master it from the inside out. As a curator, Bruno Schoenaerts has all too often seen how weakly or not at all some defenses were used .


With more than 25 years of legal experience, Alain Van den Cloot is a critical and energetic lawyer and trustee (since 1996) specialised in commercial and economic law with corporate and social law aspects and with a thorough experience in bankruptcies and liquidations.

Mr Alain Van den Cloot offers companies a full service in this respect. He is client oriented, strong in negotiations and focused on achieving results. He attaches great importance to discretion and efficiency.


Schoenaerts & Partners focus on 3 important areas.

Protection against creditors

Dissolution & liquidation

Support during the process

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